A seasoned driver knows better about the city. He knows which routes are always crowded and where to find the shortcuts to drop the passengers timely to the destination. They also know what are the hotspots where customers can be found.

earn money with uber

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The knowledge and expertise help in getting more passenger requests and maximizing earnings. Experts say that it is not enough. Uber is a highly dignified brand in the world, and it is the reason; you can leverage it for earning handsome amounts.

Let us look at some simple, yet effective ways that can help earn more money with Uber.

Every hour in the day is a rush hour for you

People talk about Rush Hours, Lean Hours, Off-peak hours or Peak-Hours. However, it is all about the mindset. If you are determined to work in the early hours of the day or late night, then there is an unlimited scope.

Early hours are just right to pick people from hotels and service apartments and drop them to airports. Similarly, students who want to head to the coaching classes are your customers.

Around 8.30 or 9 AM, you start getting requests from people who missed their chartered bus, or their car broke down all of a sudden.

In the late night hours, you get requests from people who want to travel to the airport to catch international flights.  Also, people returning from shift duties will look for cabs.

Earn money with Uber when others hesitate to drive

No, it doesn’t mean you should put your life at risk. Do not drive when the weather is adverse, or the situation of law and order is not good. What we are trying to emphasize is, you should render your services when others don’t. For example, during festival times or the days when World Cup Cricket is being played!

On such occasions, people don’t find conveyance if they need to move somewhere urgently. Believe it or not, when you serve others when they are in need, it will not only give you a good rating but also the inner satisfaction.

Keep on picking requests without a break during the first three hours

Experts say that our productivity is at the peak when we start the work.  Hence, try to pick request one after the other until you break for lunch. Do not leave your home without having a good breakfast so that hunger doesn’t bring down the momentum. When it is the lunch time, don’t stretch it unless it is inevitable.

Do not forget Five Star Rating

The more stars you collect, the higher is your reputation in the system. As a result, you get more passenger requests. It is a cyclic effect. Hence, try to collect good ratings from your customers. Impress them by your service quality, nicely maintained vehicle and polite behavior.

When the system takes a periodical review of ratings, it will consider your record to decide the internal rating and preference.

Maximize your earnings by following these workable and easy tips. And earn more money with Uber!

How to earn more money with Uber